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We take our work seriously here at the studio and have an expectation that all actors who come to the studio feel the same way.  We enjoy our study and our work in the studio but that also means we take our commitment to heart. Professionalism and respect for others is paramount.


Our expectation is that all students will attend every class and will arrive sufficiently prior to the beginning of class especially if they have scene work to prepare for so that once their scene or work is called they will have set up as much as they can prior to the work so that a minimal amount of time will be taken between scenes.  We also expect students to stay for the full class out of respect for each other’s work.  If for any reason you will have to leave class early, please notify the studio 24 hours prior. You are also responsible for communicating to your scene partner if you will miss a class.


We do not allow cell phones to be on at any time during work in the studio. All phones will be expected to be off during work in the studio and you will be given sufficient time to check cell phones during the time in the studio. We do not allow checking of cell phones, emailing or texting while others are working.


We will be in a new space once Covid 19 has been resolved and it is completely safe to open the Studio.

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