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Kevin is great work to with!  I asked him to direct me in a self tape audition I had for a TV Pilot for a network series.  He not only helped me analyze the scene,  but we worked it several different ways going over objectives, actions and circumstances of the scene. He really helped me get to the the essence of the character and really worked with me to showcase my unique abilities. I definitely recommend Kevin if you're looking for an acting coach or someone to help you with auditions or a self tape.  Kevin also actually helped me film the self tape and knew what angles would showcase my particular look and range. He also gave me advice as to how to send the self tape and what to pay attention to as per casting director requests.   Give him a call.  He is a great acting teacher/director and fun to work with.

Bernie Brandt

Kevin Elden is an outstanding acting teacher, mentor and an individual who takes pride in his craft and the theatre, tv and film industries and inspires his students to be the very best they can be. I came to Kevin looking for help to sharpen my skills to become a more proficient and skilled actor with all the tools in my tool belt needed for success. Kevin not only took me under his wing but continues to guide me and reach out with helpful articles and tips so I can succeed on this journey of acting. Acting is a very difficult path whether you're just starting out or a working professional. Kevin makes sure he arms you with all the necessary tools so at the end of your training with him, you will be equipped for what the industry throws at you. Kevin has a lot of experience and knowledge within the acting world. He can teach anyone from the beginner to the more advanced actor looking to hone in on their auditions and roles and ace them. Kevin also had amazing patience when I worked with him. He took his time to explain everything to me in great detail and with examples I could grasp and understand as an actor. He made sure I was comfortable each session we worked together and made sure I was not only learning something but growing as an actor. He took his time to work on something with me even if it took the whole session because he cares about his students and he wants nothing more than to see them succeed. I learned so very much as an actor and a craftsman from him and I am now a more confident actor. When I read scripts, or am on set, I'm able to communicate with others within the film and tv industry. I'm able to use what Kevin has taught me today and be a prolific actor in my field. Kevin teaches many different methods of acting as well ranging from Meisner, to Stanislavski, to Improv and more. Kevin tailors his approach to each individual actor he works with as he seeks out your unique qualities and skills to find the approach that works for you. Kevin believes in relating to the text of the character and analyzing the script and working towards truthful emotion to bring to the stage/screen. Kevin has a wide range of tools he that can teach any actor. I would highly recommend Kevin, and have, to any actor looking to sharpen their acting skills. I enjoyed working with Kevin very much and will be coming to him time and time again when I have questions or need audition help.

Vinny Di Dona

Kevin is a great guy and a great teacher. I was looking for some one-on-one acting classes because I was interested, and I found Kevin's coaching. He gave me a monologue to memorize, and we spent several weeks analyzing it. he gave me a multitude of strategies on how to "become the character." He is truly a terrific teacher and I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for somewhere to get started. Even if you aren't getting started - he is a great mentor to further develop your skills as an actor.

Gabe L.

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